Inspiration 3:16 – John Beehner


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Welcome to Inspiration316, the show created to share the Good and Inspiring News of what Jesus Christ is doing in the hearts and minds of the 97% of our citizens moving the world forward overcoming evil with good. We will share news the media fails to tell you.

We stand in opposition to local and national media outlets who have reporters at police stations, court houses and political offices to gather the worst, most shocking, sensational and evil stories of less than 3% of our population and call it news. It dulls our senses to murder, rape, law suits, violence and encourages criminals to live in the norm of their evil acts.

The question remains for Believers in Christ… If you were brought into court and accused of being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?

This show is hosted by John Beehner, Founder of Wise Counsel an on-going learning process to help Entrepreneurs, Ministry and leaders of Faith. Let’s join John and listen to the Inspiration316 Show.