Words mean something….

Words mean something

The Bible says…don’t say what you don’t mean.  Don’t manipulate words for your own favor.  

Case in point….  Last week was International Womens Day.  Lots of companies sent messages out on social media praising the great work done by women and how that particular company values the contributions of women….

But heres the thing.  For the last few years the British Government has required all UK businesses to publicly report salary differences between men and women each year.  The facts are out there.

Last week, any time a British organization promoted International Women’s Day on social media there was another account that would immediately resend that post…along with a message comparing the median hourly pay for women employed at the organization with that of men. 

Not all were favorable.  

Just so you know…it’s Matthew 5:37….says…” don’t say anything you don’t mean.   When you manipulate words to get your own way, you go wrong.”