A Winning World with Shermanda



Shermanda is a mother, author, singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, family advocate and the Host/Creator teacher on the Educators4Life, “A WINNING WORLD” Radio Show with Shermanda. The Show focuses on people who have experienced tragedy, hardship, or just life and have come through with a winning spirit, living their dreams victoriously by choice.  She promotes Love, Life, Hope, Education, Health, Business, Wealth, and Total Life Health Success/Transformation.


She is the author of “Love Inspired Living,”; “Educators4Life 30 Day Devotional,”; “Taught To Pray, Left As Prey,” all found on Amazon. She’s writing an anthology “A Winning World”, soon being released and a couple children’s books + waiting to be illustrated for release.  She is also editing and publishing work for others.  Amazingly, all of this has been done from, what she calls her healing bed after being hit by a vehicle over 3 years ago.   Though she can’t get out every day, as she’d liked and as before, she refuses to give up, or give in, thus A Winning World continues, and new beginnings are constantly being created in her Creative Dominator world.


She is honored and blessed to be here with you, her listening audience and guests from around the world, shining light, telling the good news of life living, as overcomers.  


  • Saturday - 11:00 am - 11:30 am