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“Developing the whole person for the Glory of God” (Col. 2:8)


At TCA, our students are challenged academically through rigorous curriculum in 21st century classrooms. From Lower School through Middle School and into Upper School, we are dedicated to preparing our students to pursue higher education at the country’s most prestigious and challenging colleges and universities. 

Our mission is to educate and develop the whole person for the glory of God. We integrate faith with learning because we believe God created us in His image to be lovers and learners of Him, of our neighbors and of all creation.
Through a combination of called and caring teachers, low student turnover and active family involvement, the TCA experience is one of community. Families, faculty and students develop long-standing relationships built on a pursuit of excellence in every area and a shared commitment to Jesus Christ.
With a storied history of academic, spiritual and athletic excellence, TCA offers an established record of students who excel beyond our walls. Our families value the foundation upon which our school was founded and remain committed to providing the exceptional TCA experience for future generations and to remaining a debt-free institution. Our influential alumni base remains connected to TCA and serves an integral role in our continued growth.


  • Friday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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