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As for you, see that what you have heard from the beginning remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in the Son and in the Father.

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Praise God for the laws He created for our own protection and to help us recognize our need for Him.... Read more
Published 3 hours ago
Source: BLOG: In Touch - Daily Radio
God understands the intricacies of the human heart and is faithful in all the confusing moments we face.... Read more
Published 3 hours ago
Source: BLOG: In Touch - Daily Devotion
This is one of prophecy's greatest misconceptions. The Rapture and the Second Coming are often confused, but they are distinct events, with distinct purposes, on God's prophetic timeline. ~ At the Rapture, Jesus will return... Read more
Published 9 hours ago
Source: BLOG: David Jeremiah - Turning Point
Most parents love their children. However, many children don't feel loved. Perhaps parents aren't "speaking" their child's primary love language. The post What You Can Do to Help Your Child Feel Loved appeared first on... Read more
Published 16 hours ago
Source: BLOG: Focus On The Family
Question: Dr. Dobson, how much self-control and Christian responsibility can we expect of a child? For example, my five-year-old daughter has a rather passive personality, and she is constantly being hit, kicked, and pinched by other... Read more
Published 19 hours ago
Source: BLOG: Family Talk with Dr James Dobson
What is the Principle of Covenant?  How is that related to Progressive Revelation?  As we study further on How the Old and New Testaments connect, Rabbi Schneider explains the meaning of these important principles.  ... Read more
Published 21 hours ago
Source: BLOG: Discovering the Jewish Jesus

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Twenty years ago, Beth Stroud was defrocked as a United Methodist Church pastor after telling her Philadelphia congregation that she was in a committed same-sex relationship. On Tuesday night, less than three weeks after the... Read more
Published 4 hours ago
Source: SRN News
SRN NEWS – It comes from the Public Religion Research Institute and it reveals that the vast majority of those who adhere to some faith group think abortion should be legal all or most of... Read more
Published 9 hours ago
Source: SRN News
ROME (AP) — A retired Canadian judge said Tuesday he couldn’t find any reliable evidence of sexual misconduct by the archbishop of Quebec, after the purported victim refused to cooperate with his investigation and the... Read more
Published 11 hours ago
Source: SRN News
TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — China is accelerating the forced urbanization of Tibetan villagers and herders, Human Rights Watch said, in an extensive report that adds to state government and independent reports of efforts to assimilate... Read more
Published 12 hours ago
Source: SRN News